It’s not a party without Arty’s!

Arty’s is a new twist on the classic cocktail, the Wisconsin Old Fashioned. Arty’s Old Fashioned is a pre-packaged, ready to serve cocktail bottled and created using the finest artisan spirits. Located in the heart of Wisconsin in the small town atmosphere of Clintonville, the Arty’s product line includes Arty’s Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet and Arty’s Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour — by far the two most popular and established versions of the time honored drink.  We hope you enjoy our traditional cocktail as much as we enjoy making them. Look for Arty’s in stores soon!

3 thoughts on “It’s not a party without Arty’s!

  1. i have had a couple of these already and they r really good alot of people have not heard of them yet so i have been getting the word around how good they r and where to find them. Lisa Foate

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