About Arty’s

Arty’s was started in Clintonville, Wisconsin in 2010 by Timothy Pappin and Ryan Mijal.  Timothy has been a successful, career-minded manufacturing leader with experience in all facets of business operations and financials.  He has bartended at multiple local and national establishments along with being a former bar owner for many years.  Ryan Mijal is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.  He brings a creative mindset (the logo is his own design) and a very strong work ethic to compliment his formal education. He has years of experience in production planning and management and oversees the facility and our operational excellence.


The Old Fashioned

– Wisconsin’s Real State Drink–

The Arty’s Edge:

★  Quality Process and Ingredients.  Our drinks are the highest quality and include only the finest natural ingredients.  Carefully selected for their distinctive flavor profile, the drinks are classically distilled for a smooth, bold taste.

★  Handcrafted.  Our drinks are stored in small batches under the close personal attention of our distiller.  The latest distilling equipment and technologies are seamlessly combined with traditional distilling methods to ensure consistently excellent taste.

★  The Arty’s brand is all about Wisconsin.  We believe in traditions.  We believe our Wisconsin upbringing is a critical ingredient to the originality and allure of an Arty’s beverage.

★  There is nothing quite like it.  There is no other product on the market that can be compared to the Arty’s New Old Fashioned.  It is the first of its kind and sure to capture the interest and loyalty of everyone who tries one.


The drinks have proven to be so popular that Arty’s will be found in almost every large metropolitan market in the state of Wisconsin.  Immediate locations will include:  Green Bay/Fox Cities, Milwaukee, and Madison.  You will soon be able to find Arty’s on Northern and Western Wisconsin shelves as well!

Nothing sells like “Wisconsin made Old Fashioneds!”…and we know just what a Wisconsin Old Fashioned is all about!

22 thoughts on “About Arty’s

  1. I’m looking forward to trying it! My friends are telling me what I am missing and I don’t want to be left out!

  2. I really enjoyed these old fashions!!! I was really worried at first that it would not taste like the bartender just made it………BUT it really does taste like an old fashion made right in front of you!!

  3. I had the opportunity to try your premixed Old Fashion mix recently. It was great! I live in AZ and was wondering if there is a way to get this in AZ? There are a lot of us Wisconites living there and have been converting plenty of others on the the wonderful flavor of an Old Fashion. The problem we have is that we have to make it from scratch or when making a road trip to AZ we stock up on Jero’s mix. It would be wonderful to be able to purchase your premixed bottles of Old Fashion mix.
    Brad and Deb Reinke
    Gilbert, AZ
    Please let us know if you plan on distributing your mix in AZ! Thank You.

  4. I recently had the opportunity to try your Brandy Sweet variety and all I can say is you guys Nailed It! These are delicious and “are the real deal”. Thanks for your creation, and “keep ‘em coming”!

  5. Originally from Clintonville and now live in Madison. Someone was at the Paoli Pub near Verona and was talking about your drink to my son who owns the Pub. As he was familiar with the name of Clintonville, he went and bought some at Woodmans and I am going to try one as I used to like them. My parents when still alive always served Old Fashions when company came over. Nice to hear someone from a small town succeed.
    Are there different varieties?

  6. I used to say, no one make’s old fashion’s like I do. My wife always enjoy’s an old fashion before we go out, but I usually drank a beer first. Anyway, I just bought a (6) pack at the store to try “and they are just as good as mine!”. For the price which is great, now I also can enjoy an old fashion before going out. “You’ve got a regular customer and I say “great job”.

  7. The perfect night cap after a long day at work. They remind me of a brandy old fashion that you would get in any Wisconsin supper club. I can’t wait to get my second case

  8. Do you sell your products there, and also, do you do tours of your facility?

    Thank you!
    Tom Williams
    Muskego, WI

    • We are available in Hudson at this time…Minneapolis is on the near horizon and we should have product there by summer!

  9. stuff. Just opened my first Arty’s. I have to hurry up my wife is on #3. The bad thing is we are in Michigan. Brandy is not a big drink in Michigan. You did a good job. Thank You

  10. Wow Ryan…congratulations on such a great business. I don’t normally drink Old Fashions but may have to try one!!

  11. I too am from AZ, and when we are there for the winter, my poor sweetheart has to give each and every bartender explicit directions. We heard that Pic-N-Save was going to carry the Old Fashioned drink, but went to one in Racine as well as Woodman’s in Kenosha and haven’t found a any yet.
    Help please…. We plan to get a case for AZ when we go back this winter. Thank you guys for all your efforts!

  12. Ryan, Thanks for sharing the ARTYS at the Packer Game this weekend. Loved the Whiskey ones. No heartburn like I get from drinking most hard liquor, just real smooth. I will look for them the next time I go to La Crosse…..

    Willis is still talking about them……LOL

  13. Just purchased and finished my first Artys whiskey sweet old fashioned and love it. Saw an article in the paper a few weeks ago about Artys and put it on my ‘to do’ list of things to try. Great product!

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